• Train your memory and score more. Our mind has a hard disk with unlimited storage capacity. Learn to access and manage it. Your sharp memory makes you millionaire and gives you skill to get success, happiness and powerful relations. Memory is power in your service, business, professional life, remembering client’s names, mobile nos, key information, important facts gives you a winning edge in the competition era.



  • Turn your memory from untrained to trained memory.
  • Memorize a whole book.
  • Get better grades into your school, college and University.
  • Instantly recall important Facts and figures
  • Become more self confidence and self reliant.
  • Remember Appointments and commitments.
  • Become more organized and Time-efficient.
  • Remove Exam Phobia & improve Concentration.
  • Learn Quick methods to improve Memorizing speed,
  • Increase your friends and maintain Relations.


Course Content:

  • All mechanism of memory
  • Secrets of Memory Power
  • Link System of Memory
  • Acronyms System
  • Remember Names & Faces
  • Remember Foreign Language & Vocabularies
  • Peg system of Memory
  • Remember Long Digit Numbers
  • Remember Birthdays & Imp. Dates
  • Remember Mob. Numbers
  • Remembers Appointments
  • Remembers Maps and Biological figures
  • Remember Dateline & General Knowledge.
  • Remember science Phenomenon & Facts.
  • How to Study & Prepare for the Exam
  • Remember Elements and Atomic Numbers.
  • Remember Essays, Speech & Long Answers.
  • Fast Reading
  • Remember Distance
  • Remember 200 Digits
  • Mathe-magic
  • Remember whole book.

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